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COVID-19 Safe Restart Plan

Phase 2 – Practicing

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This document provides guidelines for return to play under Washington State’s Phase 2 reopening plan, which includes small group practices.   This document will be updated as needed.  Families should make their own choices on participation and the best interests of their family and players.

Only Majors Baseball, AAA Minors Baseball, Majors Softball, and Minor A Softball will be returning to play for the 2020 Spring/Summer season.  

General Health Guidelines

  • If you or a member of your household are sick, please stay home.

  • Prior to attending any practice or game, each coach/player should check his or her temperature at home, and refrain from participation if he or she has a fever (>100.4 degrees F). Please stay home regardless of what is causing your illness.

  • Prior to participation the coach should obtain verbal confirmation from each participating player that:

    • The player has not had any close contact with a sick individual or anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

    • The player has not had a documented case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

    • The player is not currently demonstrating or suffering from any ill symptoms.

    • The player or coach shall wait at least 72 hours after fever stops before participating again regardless of the reason.  

  • Any player or coach reporting or demonstrating symptoms of illness at any point should be removed from training (or prohibited from training) and seek guidance from his or her physician before attempting to return to training.

  • Report any cases to the FMELL Safety Officer at [email protected].

  • To return to play the safety officer will require appropriate documentation from your medical provider.

  • Practice to be scheduled with 20 minute gaps to avoid team overlap. 


  • There will be no sharing of equipment.  Players must have their own bats, gloves, helmets, etc.

  • Equipment bags shall be spaced outside the dugout at least 6’ apart.  

    • Players shall keep unused equipment in their bag

    • No use of bat racks 

  • Bats shall be retrieved by hitter.  

    • If coach retrieves a bat it must be wiped down with disinfectant wipe

  • Baseballs/Softballs should be maintained within the group of 5.  

    • Balls should only be retrieved by players or coaches in that group (No parents)

    • Balls shall be sanitized after practice/game.

  • Catchers must have their own protective gear.

    • Only one catcher may use team gear per day.  Team catcher gear must be sanitized after use.

  • Cones and other field equipment will be put in place by coaches only.

Player Responsibilities

  • Sanitize hands when arriving and leaving the field

  • Wear a face covering: 

    • When arriving or leaving the field.  

    • When not in the field of play and not able to remain 6’ away from others.

    • While not required, players can choose to wear one while playing in the field

  • No sunflower seeds, chewing gum, snacks, or spitting

  • No team snacks or drinks (including water)

  • No group celebrations including high fives, fist/elbow bumps, handshakes, chest bumps, group huddles, etc. 

Parent Responsibilities

  • Each parent will be required to sign a Return to Play risk waiver

  • Check your player’s temperature before practice

  • Label your child’s equipment 

  • Be sure your child has hand sanitizer

  • During Phase 2, parents/family are not allowed to stay at the field, bleachers and benches. If you need to assist your child to the field location that is ok but then please exit the field area immediately.

  • Parents are encouraged to remain in cars to reduce risk of disease and transmission and should follow social distancing guidelines and not congregate. Face coverings are encouraged and recommended.

  • In the event of an injury, family members may participate in injury management as necessary but other players should maintain proper social distance. Parent should have contact information of relevant coaches.

  • Ensure player equipment is sanitized after practice.

Coach Responsibilities 

  • Face coverings should be worn to and from the field.  

  • When on the field, face coverings are optional, but recommended.

  • Only coaches handle team equipment (ex: cones, nets, bases)

  • Will ensure hand sanitizer is used by team before and after practice

  • Will ensure Team Safety Officer performs health check prior to practice beginning.  

  • Coach or Team Safety Officer will document who is in attendance 

  • Ensure team exits immediately after their time is done to avoid congregation with the next team

  • Will ensure team equipment is sanitized (baseballs/softballs, catcher gear, etc.) 

Team Safety Officer 

  • The head coach is required to ensure this role is assigned

  • Coach or Team Safety Officer will document who is in attendance 

  • Ensure health check has been taken either by parent before practice or using external thermometer if available.  In addition, ask player or parent/guardian if:

    • Player has any symptoms of COVID-19 

    • Player has had any close contact with anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

    • Ask if the player has had a documented case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

  • Makes sure team has disinfecting wipes/spray readily available

  • Makes sure team has hand sanitizer available for players and coaches

  • Make sure players remain 6 feet apart during practice

  • Responsible for team adhering to rules in alignment with Washington State, Little League International, and FME Little League. In Phase 2 this includes:

    • Limiting groups of 5 or less per coach

    • Ensuring each group is in separate areas of the field

    • Athletes maintain 6 feet apart

  • Disinfect high touch areas 

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