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Draft Policy and Procedure


Player Draft Senior/Junior/Major Baseball and Junior/Major Fastpitch Softball

After a thorough assessment has been conducted, the last place team of the preceding season will have the first choice in every round of the draft. The next to last place team will have the second selection in every round and the remaining teams shall select in the reverse order of standings. Draft will continue until all rosters are full.

Ties in standings will be broken by a toss of a coin prior to tryouts. This will take place with the Player Agent and Managers.

AAA/AA Baseball and Minor A/B Fastpitch Softball

After a thorough assessment has been conducted, these divisions will select their draft position by a lottery draw. The manager drawing #1 will have the first pick in round 1. The manager drawing #2 will have the 2nd pick. The last team will have the first pick in round 2. The draft will continue in a serpentine process until the team rosters are full. A League Age nine (9) player shall not play three consecutive seasons in the AA Baseball Division. The player must try out for AAA.

Sons and/or Daughters of Managers/Coaches: A manager who has a son or daughter eligible for the draft and wishes to draft them must state so in writing to the Player Agent prior to the draft. If so stated, the manager is required to exercise this option prior to the close of the specific draft round depending on League Age of the player. Coaches are not approved until after the draft. AAA/Minor A/Majors: 12 year old - 3rd round, 11 year old - 4th round, 9 and 10 year olds - 5th round. Junior: 14-year-old- 3rd round, 13-year-old - 4th round Senior: 16 year old - 3rd round, 15 year old - 4th round, 14 year old - 5th round

Brother/Sister Option: If a sibling of a player who is trying out is already a member of a team, the manager has the option of selecting that sibling who is trying out. The manager must notify the Player Agent in writing prior to the draft and exercise that option within the first three rounds. If two siblings are trying out together the manager who picks the first sibling has the option of picking the second sibling with his pick in the next round. This is not required but he must declare his option upon the selection of the first sibling.

Roster Maintenance: During each season it is mandatory that the Player Agent be kept up to date on roster numbers for all division. This is a requirement by Little League for all drafted divisions to maintain the 12-person roster and make adjustments if a player is no longer available to play during the season. If a Manager loses a player during the season they must contact the Player Agent within 48 hours. Failure to notify the Player Agent can result in disciplinary action. Per Little League Regulation 3(a), all divisions Majors and above must maintain a 12-15 player roster.

Expansion: Little League expansion rules on pg. 175 of the baseball rule book and pg. 166 of the softball rule book will be followed. Expanding by one (1) team Option 3. Expanding by two (2) or more teams Option 1.

Moving Players: If a player is lost during the season due to an approved reason per the Little League Rule book then a player from the next division down is selected to bring up to fill that spot on the roster. The Manager losing a player must contact the Player Agent and have approval to talk with players in the next lower division. The Player Agent will distribute a list of eligible players to the Manager for review. All players moving up must meet the minimum age of that division. The Manager has 48 hours to select a new player after receiving the list of eligible players from the Player Agent.

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