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Coronavirus FAQ's

Last Updated November 25, 2020

FME Little League COVID-19 FAQ


Will we have a 2021 season?
We believe that there will be a Spring 2021 season. The season may have a delayed start but we believe we will be able to have a regular Little League season and have an All-Stars season.

When will registration run thru?
Registration is open now thru January 16th, 2021, for most divisions. The Tee Ball division will likely close in early March due to its later start. If it looks like the season start will be delayed we will likely extend the registration deadlines.

When will assessments be?
We have not scheduled our assessments yet. These will likely be scheduled in January as we get closer to knowing when our season can start.

How will FME Little League know when it can start the season?
Youth Sports are generally tied to the county school district safe restart plan. Once Pierce County is below 75 cases per 100,000 over 14 days then youth sports will likely be allowed to compete. This is currently tracked at the following URL:

Please note that Washington State is currently under more strict guidelines, but we believe that those will be relieved once the COVID-19 community infection rates goes back down.

Is there financial assistance for registrations or gear?
Please email [email protected] for information on different grants available for registration and gear assistance.

Will we be required to wear face coverings?
We do not know at this point what the face covering requirements will be this Spring. We will wait for guidance from the Pierce County Health Department on this issue. It is highly possible that coaches will be required to wear face coverings at all times and athletes will be required to wear them when not socially distanced (ex: dugouts).

Our Safe Restart plan will be updated dependent on the Pierce County Health Department guidance, which is typically based on Washington State and CDC guidelines.

What can we do at home to get ready for the season?
Little League has a great source of information for at home baseball drills located at

What is your refund policy for 2021?
2021 Refund Policy 
Refund requests will be accepted until the first scheduled game has been played in the division your child’s team is in.
  • Refunds may be requested by contacting the FMELL Treasurer at [email protected] or thru a manner communicated by the Treasurer.
  • For 2021, refunds will only have a $20 fee if uniforms have been ordered for your division. Uniforms are not ordered until teams are created.
Refund Exceptions and Proration
Refund requests will not be accepted after games start unless the season is shortened due to COVID-19 restrictions or other reasons approved by the Refund Committee on a case-by-case basis. The following guidance will cover refunds in these cases:

  • The board has approved the end of the Spring season or the regular schedule has completed. All Spring season division schedules will complete by June 30th, 2021.
  • If at least half of the originally scheduled games have been played there will be no refunds issued.
  • If less than half of the scheduled games are able to be played due to impacts of COVID-19 restrictions or other reasons approved by the board, then a pro-rated amount of the registration fee (minus costs such as uniforms, field rentals, umpires, etc.) will be calculated and used to apply towards requested refunds.
Refund Committee

The Refund Committee shall have the authority to review and approve other refund requests not defined by this policy on a case-by-case basis (ex: injury, illness, etc.).

  • Refund Committee includes: President, Vice President, Player Agent, and Treasurer
  • Approval must be unanimous.

* The $3 per transaction fee applied to payment plans is non-refundable because it is tied to the transaction cost by our registration platform. In the case of a credit being applied to a future season registration, this $3 fee per transaction may be applied as a credit if the whole registration fee is credited to the account.


I did not receive my refund, what should I do?
If you did not receive your refund or credit for the 2020 season, please contact our treasurer at [email protected].

My refund or credit was not the correct amount.
Please contact our treasurer at [email protected]

How do I use my credit from 2020?
If you have questions on how to use your credit for 2020 please contact our treasurer at [email protected].

What was your refund policy for the 2020 season?
Our current refund policy is:
Refunds may be requested by contacting the Player Agent. Refunds should be requested by the registration closure date for the division. Refunds requested after this date until games begin will incur a $20 fee. FME Little League will not issue refunds once games have begun.

We have updated the policy for the 2020 season to not charge a $20 fee for registration refunds. We will also be refunded late fees. Please note that refunds do not include the $3 per transaction fee that Stack Sports charges.

Can we have our refund be used as a credit for a future season?
Yes, we can leave the balance on your account to be used for a future season.

Can I donate my registration fee?
Yes, you can donate your registration fee if your kid cannot play.

My question is not listed here.
If your question is not listed here please email us at [email protected]. If you have refund questions please email [email protected].

Thank you,
FME Little League Board of Directors

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